Lenovo p2

Lenovo p2 review

Lenovo p2 is a phone with big battery life, bigger enough to last for two days.  It is able to produce such result with a 5100 mAh battery, power efficient snapdragon 625, a super AMOLED display and a clever software. The UI is also very light and there is no bloatware included.


The camera is a weak point for Lenovo p2 as low light photos are noisy and many of the images lack sharpness. Lately, the display on p2 is quite likable. with a maximum luminescence of 692 Lux, it’s bright enough to outdoor usage. Colors look good and they’re not too oversaturated as on many AMOLED panels. Touch is also very good.


At a price of $377.76, you can get many other good feature phones with better cameras and performance. But Lenovo p2 is for you if you just cannot compromise battery life.


1 DISPLAY 5.5 inch FHD Super AMOLED
2 RAM 3/4GB
3 Storage 32GB(Expandable)
4 BATTERY 5100 mA
5 SOC Snapdragon 625
6 Operating System Android OS v6.0





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