Digital marketing tips

24 Digital marketing tips for beginners

Digital marketing tips
Digital marketing is one of the booming industry in this digital era, as the internet is growing, marketing is also shifting online.
Nowadays it’s common to see customers of hotels, restaurants, taxi and other services arriving from a link on the internet.


This industry not only provides employment for the creative youth but at the same time is a great source of income. Many youths are earning a lot through online marketing and are learning at the same time. Digital marketing is a very flexible career choice and comes with great rewards if done professionally and even any marketing certification is not mandatory at all.
Today whole world requires marketing for their modern day to day businesses. Internet is the fulcrum of every big or small business, and likewise, it has become the backbone of the marketing industry.


Digital marketing has many different fields like SEO, Social media marketing, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing etc.




1) Always be creative and a good resolver.


2) Develop good communication skills.


3) Become a socialite.


4) Develop effective writing skills.


5) Always have the zeal to learn new things.


6) Be a problem solver (People want their solutions and not your lengthy articles.)


7) Create a network of people with similar aspirations.


8) Join online groups and attend useful workshops.


9) Develop technical skills.

(Learn to use tools like powerpoint, excel, adobe creative suite etc. Gain a good knowledge on programming, web designing, graphics designing, video editing etc.)


10) Gain the trust of your users before monetizing your services.


11) Use your Facebook fan page to boost your digital marketing campaign.


12) Join the right conversations at the right time.


13) Invest some time in social media.


14) URL name of your website should reflect your product and services.


15) Make a clean user-friendly front page of your website.


16) Enable share buttons on your blog to increase traffic.


17) Include the names of location, places, and countries you want to target as your audience.


18) Don’t only promote your blog, make it engaging with images, videos, quotes or questioning for views of your visitors.


19) Optimize your blog to make it visible to the people.

(Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins)


20) Get backlinks from other established blogs in the same niche.


21) Generate positive reviews with high rankings to help persuade consumers to choose your business.


22) Offer valuable solutions/comments in other blogs, don’t spam or self-promote yourself.


23) Build relationships with customers to create a memorable brand experience.


24) Follow your strategy, achieve your goal and set new goals.



You can find digital marketing salaries for different companies here.



It’s not hard to find digital marketing jobs these days, each and every company have salaries ranging from 23k-60k or even higher for digital marketing jobs.





*Institute of digital marketing Mumbai(
*Digital academy India, Haryana(


Digital marketing as a career choice requires passion and a good amount of dedication to succeed. Hope these digital marketing tips were useful for you.


Now before stepping your first step, remember these words ” The ability to strive for something, no matter how hard it may be to achieve, is the ability to make dreams come true”.

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